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Guided fishing tours customized for your needs


  • The biggest lake in western lapland located between Pello and Ylitornio
  • Fishing methods include bait casting, trolling and fly fishing.
  • The prey fish are pike, pike, perch and, rarely trout.
  • Lots of sandy beaches with sheds.

  • Small private lake in middle of wilderness
  • Only one group on the lake at a time
  • Fishing methods are fly fishing, casting and trolling.
  • The prey fish are brown trout, whitefish, pike and perch.

  • Local knowledge

    Local professionally trained guide who knows the secrets of both the water and the fishing.

  • Sustainability

    Our operations are designed on an ecologically sustainable basis.

  • Customer focus

    Our trips are individually designed to meet our customer's preferences.

About us

Our main product is cast fishing adventures, especially in the form of jig fishing, bait casting and fly fishing. The location of the company is on the shores of the large, beautiful fish rich Miekojärvi. Your guide will be an experienced and passionate fisherman with a sense of humor and plenty of stories from the local history. If the guide has no customers to guide, he is quite certainly guiding himself to fish from dusk till dawn in his hopes that beautiful fish of dreams. 

Our equipment is modern and high quality. We do not offer a vertical jigging trips with the live echo, we are focusing on the joy of fishing by more traditional means. However, there is no need for rowing and yes, there is a sonar, but instead of display terminals, we focus on staring at these incredibly beautiful landscapes. 

We offer services from single overnight fishing trips to five-person bait casting trips. We usually stop to eat and have coffee at some beautiful campfire site. Our products include a delicious fresh food made by our guide from local ingredients. Along the way, it is also possible to learn a lot of things besides fishing. Our guide can guide you through the secrets of fish filleting, fly tying and boating.

Together with the customer, we plan each trip as individually as possible. First we choose the fishing gear and the preferred location. We then determine the time and length of the trip. Last but not least, things are sorted out in terms of dining. These things make the perfect fishing experience for you or your group in one of the most beautiful waters in Lapland.

So now is the time to stop hesitating. Contact us and your journey has already begun.

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